Community Futures
grenville Initiative

Offering non-repayable contributions for community economic development projects, covering up to 50% of eligible project expenses, to a maximum of $3,000. This program supports projects that:

  • address strategic economic development priorities;

  • Support the business community;

  • Have a significant, measurable impact;

  • Demonstrate collaboration with community economic development partners;

  • Enhance community capacity for economic development.

“Thank you to Community Futures Grenville, who were instrumental in helping me acquire a loan and grant that helped take my business and studio needs to the next level."


The selection process involves mandatory eligibility and project evaluation criteria, and supplementary documentation may be requested as needed.


Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • marketing and promotional activities;
  • tourism initiatives;
  • seminars/workshops;
  • technology and innovation projects;
  • small-scale minor capital projects;
  • research projects, feasibility studies and business plans.

Ineligible Projects

  • Projects that benefit a single business;
  • Projects whose primary impact is outside of Grenville County.* 

Funding is limited, not all eligible projects will be approved.

need some assistance?

We encourage potential applicants to contact Katie to discuss their potential project prior to completing an application.


Projects Supported

Town of Prescott

The Resident/Visitor Analytics Data Project, aimed at leveraging comprehensive consumer insights to enhance decision-making processes and better serve residents and visitors alike.

South Grenville Food Bank

Tools for Launch Program, facilitating employee retention by empowering individuals in new employment roles.

Kemptville Campus

Eco Farm Day 2024, a regional conference promoting farm business economic viability, sustainable agriculture practices and fostering connections within the local farming community.

Leeds Grenville Small Business

International Women’s Day 2024, empowering women in business and championing inclusivity and equity within the community.

Township of Augusta

The Maker’s Map project, showcasing local artisans, growers, and makers through an interactive digital platform.

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